JTS Tour Guide

The JTS tourguide system offers a high-quality mobile wireless system for speech transmission, e.g. for guided tours. The JTS tourguide devices use analogue wireless transmission, with 16 channels available in the UHF frequency range of 863–865MHz (licence free). The JTS tourguide system allows up to three of these channels to be used at the same time. The transmission range depends on local conditions and may reach 60 metres as a typical maximum. The lightweight pocket devices have an internal Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with a variety of charger options to suit your tour group size. The JTS Tourguide pocket units are well constructed for long-life and come with a three-year manufacturer warranty. There are a variety of JTS earphones and microphone options, with further options available from other compatible products. There is also stationary transmitter for semi/permanent installations and to link with the interpreter console for multilingual lectures and conferences. The high quality audio and very low noise transmission makes this system ideal for audio description and assistive listening applications in performance theatres. 

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