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Williams Sound offer two tourguide systems - the market leading Digi-Wave™ offering two-way speech capability and their UHF/FM system for listen-only tours. Both offer high-performance backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty

Digi-Wave™ provides simultaneous, two-way, digital communication technology. Slim, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. With the push of a button, users can access two-way communication for easy, more focused group leader / group member participation. Ideal for an array of applications including wireless intercom talkback, language interpretation, training sessions, team teaching and tour guide.

Digiwave 300 Series Features:

  • Up to four simultaneous 2-way groups or four listen-only tour groups each with 14 interpreter channels
  • Up to six simultaneous talkers in intercom mode
  • Full digital transmission technology – for seamless, secure operation
  • 2.4 GHz operation – licence-free use in most countries
  • Range of up to 61metres (100 feet) outdoors and 91metres (300 feet) indoors, depending on environmental conditions

Williams Sound UHF/FM offers a neat solution for typical tourguide applications in factories & tourism, and for assisted listening in education & places of worship.

UHF FM Features:

  • Up to five simultaneous listen-only tour groups
  • 863-865MHz licence exempt throught the EU
  • Tiny pocket devices
  • Choose disposable or rechargeable batteries
  • 150m (500 feet) range (line of sight)
  • Simple operation
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