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Hire or Buy Tourguide Systems

Hire or Buy a TourGuide System?

Tour Guide Systems offer complete solutions, helping you decide which is the best system to meet your needs. We are not tied to a particular manufacturer so can offer impartial, balanced advice to help you choose the right system. 

Buying or renting the system depends on how often you are likely to use it. Many customers start by renting a system on two or three occasions before deciding that purchasing a system outright would be more convenient and financially worthwhile. Similarly, customers who have bought a system to cater for their regular events subsequently hire in further systems for larger events such as open days.

Hire a tour guide system

We hold over 1,500 RF devices in four categories:

  • Sennheiser VHF TourGuide stethosets with hand-held or headworn microphone.
  • Sennheiser 2020 Digital UHF TourGuide System with stethosets or pocket receivers; hand-held, pocket & stationary transmitters.
  • DigiWave all digital pocket system for listen-only and two-way speech.
  • Williams Sound UHF listen-only pocket system.
  • Sennheiser G3 wireless microphones

We hire to many household names throughout the United Kingdom and our tourguide systems are used at events throughout Europe and further afield.

Rental packages start at just £66.84 for a day / £155.96 for a week (ex VAT). More...

Buy a tour guide system

We have been selling Tourguide systems for more than 25 years to many types of industries. With this vast experience we are confident we can advise you as to the best solution for your particular needs and within your available budget - we select the products carefully following extensive testing in real applications. We also customise accessories like headsets for bespoke applications.

You can purchase the number of receivers you need now and add more in the future as your tours grow. If you have infrequent, special events and need additional receivers, then you can top-up your own system by hiring in the extras you need. We also offer business leasing as an alternative to capital purchase. 

The majority of systems we sell are from Sennheiser, Williams Sound, and Listen Technologies because they are the best on the market and represent the best lifetime cost of ownership.

Try before you buy - don't just take our word for it - we have demonstration equipment for all systems we sell, so you may try the equipment for yourself to make comparisons. You may prefer to hire initially and then purchase your own system for your regular tours (ask for details).  More...