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Secure TourGuide Systems

Secure TourGuide Systems

From courtrooms to industrial training, TourGuide Systems has the technology and flexibility to help you meet your accessibility requirements. Digital encryption avalable on several radio transmission systems adding a layer of security to your wireless audio. Meetings in business, public sector, legal services and law enforcement may request secure transmission systems to protect confidential discussions and that of the interpreter. Here at Tourguide-Systems we have portable tourguide devices systems that provide a high degree of privacy. 

Secure Encryption.  One radio tourguide system utilises digital encryption with 1024 possible group codes and 10,000 possible Key Code combinations; so it is likely that a communication would be finished long before a 'brute-force' trial-and-error cracking attempt would succeed. Another digital tourguide system generates its random key-code each time it is activated, so the encryption key between devices is always different.

We have systems with digital encryption available to hire or buy.

For more detailed information about secure audio solutions call TourGuide Systems on 01244 456899.