Synexis – Tourguide System

Synexis – Tourguide System

Beyerdynamic have introduced a new wireless RF transmission system, Synexis. The system can be used in many ways: for guided tours, interpreting and assistive listening, or as an instructor’s system. Operation in the licence free 863-865 MHz frequency range (UK channel 70), which is available throughout the EU.

On guided tours, up to eight groups can participate at the same time and independently of each other both indoors and in the open air.

The Synexis tourguide transmitter and receiver units deliver excellent speech intelligibility and user-friendliness. There is a pocket transmitter with a variety of microphone options and a hand-held transmitter that also has three mute functions allowing the user to conduct brief private conversations without involving others. The transmitter and receiver units work with rechargeable or standard batteries.

A trolley case with 20 shelves and storage space for headphones is available for ease of loading and transport. Alternatively, chargers designed to be built-in to 19” cabinets can be used for large quantities of system components and a table-top charger too. There is a wide range of accessories making the beyerdynamic Synexis tourguide a very versatile wireless audio system.


  • guided tours
  • interpreting
  • assistive listening
  • personal induction loop
  • instruction or personnel training