Tourguide Systems Hire and Buy

Tourguide Systems - Hire, Rent, Buy

Wireless tourguide systems bring clear and intelligible communication to large factory tours, open air tours, multilanguage interpretations, audio descriptions and other guided tours in many challenging environments. Tourguide systems offer maximum flexibility with minimum fuss. The system does away with sore throats for tour guides, confusion and frustration for tour groups.

How they work

Tourguide systems are easily operated without any previous knowledge of the equipment. Once the receivers are distributed to the tour group, the transmitter is switched on and the tour can begin. The lightweight wireless receivers are comfortable to wear, even for long periods.

After use the receivers are simply returned to their storage case for charging.

The microphone can be hand held type - convenient to pass to members of the tour group for occassional questions, or a head-worn type which operates through a belt-worn transmitter – leaving the guide with their hands free to point out interesting features. Two-way speech system are also available for Q&A from your tour group.

The tour receivers can be either ‘stethoset’ style (worn hanging from the ears), or a belt-pack type using earpieces or headphones to relay the sound. Belt pack tour receivers can also be used in conjunction with ‘noise-reducing’ headphones or ear-defenders for very noisy environments and with a ‘neck loop’ for hearing aid users (with T-position).

Hire or buy

Tourguide-SYSTEMS offer complete solutions, helping you decide which is the best system to meet your needs. We are not tied to a particular manufacturer so can offer impartial, balanced advice to help you choose the right system.

Buying or renting tour headsets depends on how often you are likely to use it. Many customers start by renting a system on two or three occasions before deciding that purchasing a system outright would be more convenient and financially worthwhile. Similarly, customers who have bought a system to cater for their regular events subsequently hire in further systems for larger events such as open days. Ask about our Hire-&-Buy option.

Hire a tour guide system

Thankfully, our computerised rental system manages the bookings of over 2,000 radio devices amongst over 4,500 equipment items, so we can cope with big events too, whether its a special day or summer-long tour. We deliver the next working day in most areas of the United Kingdom and Western Europe in 1-2 days.

Buy a tour guide system

We have been selling tour guide systems for more than twenty-five years to many types of industry. With this vast experience we are confident we can advise you as to the best solution for your particular needs and within your available budget. You can purchase the number of receivers you need now and add more in the future as your tours grow. If you have infrequent special events and need extra receivers, then you can top-up your own system by hiring in the extras you need. We also offer business leasing as an alternative to capital purchase. 

Trade-in a tourguide system

If you have a tourguide system and are looking to upgrade to the latest equiipment, we may well be able to trade-in your existing tourguide equipment against a new purchase. Just mention trade-in when you talk to us.