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We've been hiring tourguide systems for over 30 years and have gained a wealth of practical experience and technical know-how that is available to guide you to the most suitable system. Our tour guide systems are used regularly by many household names throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. We have a large stock of TourGuide systems for you to hire on a D-I-Y basis at your event. Working with our principal delivery partners DHL Express, we can deliver the next working day to most of Europe. We can deliver, set up and manage the tourguide equipment for larger events too, where you may have many groups and languages with hundreds of receivers. Quality of service has been the key to our success in retaining a loyal customer base. Apart from providing the right equipment for each event, we ensure its well maintained and fully tested prior to despatch, ready to use.

  • Fully computerised rental stock management, with online quotations. 
  • Card payment facilites provided securely online and or by PayPal.
  • We accept purchase orders from most educational establishments, public sector bodies and local authorities, with business accounts on application.
  • Ask about our loyalty discount and cross-hire schemes for AV rental, event production and interpreters.
  • Long-term rental agreements avaialble too - from three months to five years.

Sennheiser 2020 Digital - UHF TourGuide System offers their classic 'stethoset' one-piece receiver with earbows (up to 8 hours operation per charge). There's a pocket receiver too (up to 16 hours operation per charge) to connect to your choice of earpiece/headphone. The guide can use a hand-held microphone or pocket transmitter with various plug-in microphone options (up to 8hours operation per charge). The portable tourguide transmitters operate with up to six channels, (one microphone per group).  We also have stationary transmitters for fixed-location events like conferences when eight channels are available. All devices recharge within 3.5hours.

Sennheiser Infoport - VHF TourGuide system using stethoset receivers and hand-held microphone for the tourguide. Three channels available. Perfect for smaller groups.

DigiWave from Williams AV – all-digital system providing listen-only tourguide mode or two-way speech for interactive tours. Using pocket transmitters and receivers, this configurable system is great for single or multiple tour guides. It can provide four simultaneous tour groups, with each group having a guide plus up to 14 channels for interpreters. We’ve added 3.0-series Digiwave for intercom packages allowing up to six simultaneous talkers - standard headsets and industrial ear-defenders available!

To support our inventory of over 2,500 RF devices, we hold a comprehensive range accessories like microphones, headsets, ear-defenders, headphones, small audio mixers, antenna systems, cables and audio interfaces. We also have small BOSE Professional PA systems.
All equipment is well maintained and protected by SKB 3i ATA transit cases or 5-Star flight premium cases.  



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Sennheiser 2020 Digital, Listen Technologies FM, Williams Sound UHF, Mipro digital: (863-865MHz) are licence exempt for use in UK and all EU Countries.

Williams Sound Digi Wave (2.4GHz) is licence exempt for use in UK, EU and most other countries. Special versions available to order for SALE for use in France.

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