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JTS TG-10STX Transmitter Module

JTS TG-10STX Transmitter Module

Application Group
Audio Description
Language Interpretation
Silent Meeting or Presentation
Product Description


JTS TG-10STX Tour Guide System stationary transmitter.
High-quality audio transmission, ideal for simultaneous language translation or assistive listening applications.


Operating range: up to 60 m using provided stub antenna (BNC output to optional antenna)
• Parallel operation of up to three wireless transmitters
• 16-channel PLL wireless transmitter
• Carrier Frequency Range: 606.5-614MHz (UK licence required channel 38)
• 2 inputs (CH1/CH2) via rear comb. jacks, with level controls
• 1 input (CH3) via 6.3 mm mono jack
• Continuously adjustable headphone output for monitoring
• 2 loop-through outputs
• Phantom power for microphones on inputs 1&2 can be activated as required
• Power supply unit provided and connected to 230 V~/50 Hz

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