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PELTOR high-attenuation rear-wear headset/boom mic (SALES)

PELTOR high-attenuation rear-wear headset/boom mic (SALES)

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Walking Tour
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With its carefully designed microphone/speaker system and excellent attenuation, the 3M™ Peltor™ headset range offers unique acoustic performance providing outstanding communication in very high noise
environments. Peltor's proven and durable designs ensure high comfort levels, allowing long term use under very tough conditions.
- High-attenuating shells with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears for the best possible sound quality and comfort.
- Dynamic speech boom microphone with effective noise compensation for clear and reliable communication
- Quick positioning boom microphone for easy handling
- Soft, wide, foam and fluid-filled ear cushions.
- Individually sprung stainless steel head band provides an even and consistent distribution of pressure around the ears
- Beam-mounted earphones that provide minimal resonance and distortion, offering excellent sound reproduction even in high-noise environments
- Numerous configurations. Overhead, neckband and helmet-attached versions to meet most users’ requirements.
- These headsets are modified for compatibility with devices from Tourguide-SYSTEMS

Product Code | Configuration | Weight (g) | Class | SLC80
MT7H79A | Head Band | 383 | 5 | 31dB
MT7H79B | Neck Band | 367 | 5 | 26dB
MT7H79P3E | Helmet attached | 406 | 5 | 29dB

Fitting: Undo the Velcro strap. Place the ear cups over the ears. Now adjust the Velcro headband up or down for best fit. The ear cushions should seal firmly against the head.
Optimised Fit: For best results, move all hair from under the cushion. Noise reduction will be adversely affected by anything that impairs the seal of the earmuff cushions against the head, such as thick spectacle frames, balaclavas, etc.

Full product details available from 3M™ PELTOR™

Harmonised European Standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) have been developed as the preferred means of demonstrating equipment conformity with the basic health and safety requirements (BHSRs) of the EC Personal Protective Equipment Directive (89/686/EEC).
Only equipment which meets these BHSRs is entitled to carry the CE mark and to be sold for use in the EC.
3M Peltor products are CE marked and full attenuation data and SNR values are available.

WARNING: All hearing protection affords limited protection. The user is responsible for the proper selection, use, care and maintenance of this device. Improper selection (including under/over protection), use or maintenance may lead to serious hearing loss.

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