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Roger Touchscreen Tourguide Microphone

Roger Touchscreen Tourguide Microphone

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Multifunctional wireless mobile transmitter, with a touchscreen display and built-in microphone.

The handy Roger Touchscreen Mic combines the functionality of a mobile transmitter with a built-in 'intelligent' microphone. The built-in microphone system can be set to automatic, allowing the Touchscreen to be used on a neck lanyard, hand-held and pointing to the talker, or on a desktop for a discussion. The Digital Signal Processing usually negates the need for lapel or headworn microphones!

ƒ Automatic microphone modes (Automatic, Small Group, Pointing, Lanyard)
ƒ System of three intelligent embedded microphones for small group activities.

Phonak’s digital transmitting standard at 2,4GHz with fully automatic frequency hopping technology, ensure the seamless transmission of the guide's voice to the tour member's receiver in the most challenging situations.


Audio bandwidth 100 Hz - 7200 Hz
Input jack socket for external microphone connection

Device dimensions: W 55 mm, L 104 mm, H 16 mm
Weight: 94 g
Operating time : Approx. 10 h
Delivery includes Power supply 100-240 V; 5 V / 1 A; EU and US standard plugs, USB-microUSB adaptor cable Pouch, Lanyard 3.5-3.5 audio cable, Recording cable.

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