What is a Group Tour System?

A group tour system is a wireless and portable radio system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to listeners.

The group tour system is composed of a microphone connected to a pocket-sized radio transmitter for the guide and small radio receivers for the tour group. Guests may listen using a comfortable, on-ear earpiece or even use their own headphones (various headphone options are available and a personal neck loop is available for hearing aid users).

When are Group Tour Systems used?

Group tour systems are used when ordinary conversation between a tour leader and audience is difficult. Whether chatting to a number of people outdoors, a tour in an area with high ambient noise, or when looking to not disturb other tourists in the same environment, a tour guide system helps you to provide a first-class, professional service.

An audio tour guide system from TourGuide Systems will allow the guide to be clearly heard without having to strain their voice.

Tour Guide Systems for factory tours, historic sites, museums, tour buses and walking tours

TourGuide Systems offer tour guide systems to help lessen background noise and distance problems often experienced with guided tours. Many tourguide systems can operate simultaneously.

An econimical option is for the tour-guide to use a light-weight PA system to amplifiy their voice via a loudspeaker. This offers hands-free operation and is very good for smaller tour groups where you won't disturb others.