Wireless Tour Guide System

Groups can commonly have difficulty hearing their tour guide due to the distance from the guide and the general background noise within the area. A wireless radio audio guide system broadcasts the voice of the tour guide to a receiver and earphones which the visitors wear, permitting the visitor to hear the tour guide directly.

Using a Wireless Radio Tourguide System can be good for the tour guide and tour guests as a whole. The tourguide can talk at an ordinary level, without straining their voice, and the guests are able to hear the guide over ambient noise at a level that is comfortable for them. The systems allow for many simultaneous tours to occur, with options for multiple guides talking to the group, and also guests to 'talkback' for interactive tours.

Groups can often have difficulty hearing their tour guide due to the distance from the guide and the general ambient noise within the area, especially with social distancing. Consider that a client may have a hearing impairment making hearing the tour guide almost impossible - accessories are available to link to the guest's hearing aid using a tourguide system receiver.

We stock a wide range of brands, with low-cost options through to premium systems that bring an interpreter' simultaneous tranlsation into the group. 

For truly exceptional quality sound and high flexibility with a wireless audio guide system contact the tourguide specialists at Apple Sound Ltd – sound applications you can trust – 01244 456899.