Audio Description Equipment Hire

Audio description equipment hire

Audio description (AD) is a way of making the arts more accessible to blind and partially sighted people. Audio description is made available at many of the Performing Arts – Theatre, opera, dance - both professional and amateur productions. Our customers include Liverpool's Everyman & Playhouse theatres and the world famous Shakespeare's Globe.

Like a narrator tells a story, audio description is an additional, live commentary & description of the stage performance. Audience members listen to the audio description via a stethoset (headphone with integrated wireless receiver) or via pocket receivers with earpieces (or neck loops for hearing aid users). Here at Tourguide-SYSTEMS, we have Sennheiser 2020 Digital Tourguide equipment for hire which provides the receivers for your audio description events. These devices deliver high-quality digital audio for excellent speech intelligibility with minimal background noise, to give a comfortable experience to your listeners. We have a dedicated Audio Description Kit which provides everything you need for the audio describer.

Our AD Kits can also be used for audio description at a film screening – again an audio describer provides a description of the film for the audience. This can be provided to the listeners separatley to the cinema sound system or the sound track can be included directly through the receiver’s headphones – providing an exclusive AD experience that is controlled by the audio describer. We have systems available for small groups within intimate venues, through to many listeners at open-air events. We have a variety of input adaptors, cables and small audio mixers to cover most setups.

Hire Sennheiser Audio Description Kit


  • Sennheiser SR 2020-D stationary transmitter more
  • Sennheiser A 2003 UHF directional antenna
    • VDC 10 metre low-loss antenna cable
    • PSC fleximount for mounting to shelves, lighting bar, truss, etc
    • 2.2 metre lightweight tripod stand
  • Sennheiser HMD 26 broadcast headset with boom microphone
    • very comfortable for the audio describer to wear
    • ear-muffs provide significant sound exclusion, can be worn with one or both ear-muffs in place
    • provided with in-line switch for on/off or mute (“cough” switch)
  • Packed in a foam-lined SKB transit case.

The same stationary transmitter kit can be used for simultaneous translation / language interpretation applications and to provide coverage at large venues like exhibition halls or open-air events. 

Equipment for audio description transmission for tourguide receivers from Tourguide SystemsAudio Description System Case for Hire from Tourguide Systems