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Sennheiser UHF 1039 tourguide range

Sennheiser UHF 1039 tourguide range

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The Sennheiser EK 1039 tour guide receiver is exceptionally rugged. It is designed for tour guide applications such as walking tours, multi-language interpretation, assistive listening and command applications for example in the field of sports. The EK1039 can be used with all Sennheiser headphones and induction loops with a 3.5 mm jack plug. The handling and operation of the receiver is very easy and intuitive. Every channel can be named, which is stored and shown on the backlit display along with the channel number and battery status. The high switching bandwidth and compatibility with wireless transmitters of the ew G4 300/500 series and the 2000 series, make the EK 1039 extremely flexible and give it the highest level of transmission reliability.

Simple, robust, reliable: Sennheiser Tourguide 1039 operates within the worldwide available UHF frequency band. Thus, guaranteeing a robust and smooth operation, as well as excellent audio transmission quality, even when using the maximum number of frequencies.

The Tourguide 1039 visitor guidance system supports the operation of up to 32 transmission channels within the frequency range. Mastering even major events with simultaneous translation into many languages without interference or frequency chaos.

Whether international fair events, visitor guidance or interpreter applications—the innovative technology of the Tourguide 1039 system ensures a reliable and high professional audio transmission. In combination with the EP 01, HP 02, and NP 02 headphones best speech intelligibility and highest hygienic standards are guaranteed. Furthermore, thanks to its outstanding audio quality the Tourguide 1039 is perfectly suited as a system for assistive listening, hearing aids can be easily connected to it.

Two-year manufacturer warranty.

For detailed information, see the product range manual PDF below.

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