two way tourguide system hire

Digi Wave, the two-way radio tour guide system available to hire. You can now take groups of VIP’s around your site for a fully interactive experience.

Digi Wave pocket transceivers broadcast high quality speech to your tour group while allowing them to ask questions or talk to each other with the touch of button.

Hire for a day, week or months.

Configured for your event with the number of headsets you need.

Digi-Wave Tour guide system Hire

Why hire a two-way tour guide system?

  1. Multiple guides talking to tour group.
  2. Interactive factory tours with guest talkback.
  3. Training sessions with student Q & A.
  4. Interpreters for simultaneous translation in a tour group. Read more...



1. Tours with Multiple Guides

Graphic showing tour part on a busDigiWave allows two or more tourguides to lead and talk to a listening tour group.

Tourist Tours - two way speaking brings an extra dynamic to your tourist tours where you may interact with a local guide for example on a city tour and all your tour party guests listen to the interesting talk. 

Touring a factory - the main tourguide can lead the tour party with visitors listening, then the guide can talk (two-way) with each production line supervisor – all your visitors will hear a highly informative and dynamic tour.


2. Interactive Tours with Guest TalkbackGraphic showing a factory tour

Your tour group members can listen via their choice of earphones and when they have a question they just press the Talk button and speak into their device (like a hands-free mobile phone) - everyone in the group hears their question and has option to join the discussion too.

There is an optional plug-in lightweight headset which has a single earpiece and boom microphone (like a telephonist). If your tour is in a noisy factory, then we have noise reducing headsets too, helping to protect hearing while allowing everyone to communicate.


3. Staff Training Sessions

Graphic showing training session in a hospital theatreBackground noise can make training sessions on the factory floor challenging. Make sure every trainee not only hears the trainer but can ask questions too, even where hearing protection is mandatory. 

Ideal for production team meetings as the two-way headset system is completely portable.


4. Interpretation

Graphic showing interactive tour with interpreterForeign language visitors can join a tour and listen to their interpreter who provides simultaneous translation - up to 14 interpreter channels are available, in addition to the tourguide/floor language. Whether you have a small group of VIPs, or a visiting coach party, you can hire a Digi-wave tourguide system to ensure everyone is included.

Other applications

Hybrid conferences & meetings - now everyone can join the conversation by hiring headsets for all participants, whether they're in a meeting room or on the shop floor! Our headsets connect to your online meeting via video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams or Zoom - more.

Tours of museums, educational campus, field trips, tourist attractions, theatre production talkback - any environment where you need two way talking. 

Digiwave tourguide system features:

  • 2-way, push to talk communication allows for Q&A in the group
  • The main tour guide always controls the conversation
  • Four groups can operate simultaneously within a 60 metre range
  • Participants can listen using a single ear-hook speaker, earphones, headphones, ear-defenders, or the built in speaker
  • Optional neck loops allow connection of hearing aids using their 'T-position'

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