We carefully select special tour guide products and accessories for all applications. We customise accessories too – like bespoke transit cases, interconnecting cables, and audio interfaces that compliment equipment from mainline manufacturers.

Our Range of ATS Tour Guide Systems

Offers excellent value for money, backed by a three-year warranty.  

ATS-16 Tour Guide SystemLink to ATS-16 Tour Guide System

  • High quality speech tour guide system for portable or fixed locations 
    ATS-16 info page 

ATS-20 Digital Tour Guide System  Link to Browse ATS-20 Products

  • Everything you need for a guide to talk to a walking tour group.
    ATS-20 info page

ATS-22 Digital Tour Guide System with TalkbackLink to Browse ATS-20 Products

  • Adds the talkback function that allows tour participants to ask questions.
    ATS-22 info page

ATS-80 Digital Tour Guide System with Two-Way TalkLink to Browse ATS-80 Products

  • One or two guides presenting within a group
  • Also allows participants to ask questions for a fully interactive tour
  • Full-duplex two-way conversation.
    ATS-80 info page