ATS-22 Digital Tour Guide System with Talkback

Our ATS-series tour guide system offers excellent value for money, backed by a three-year warranty. Buy individual components or choose from our System Packages – everything you need, ready to go on your walking tour! 

3 year warranty demo kit available

ATS-22 Low Cost Tour Guide System with Talkback

Our ATS-22 is a low-cost tour guide system with talkback that is ideal for walking tour parties.

Our ATS-22 System offers an economic solution for walking tours offering participants an interactive experience with their tour guide.

The guide can offer a listen-only tour delivering commentary about historic landmarks on a walk or describing paintings in a gallery, for examples. The guide can then switch to tour talk mode and invite questions or discussion amongst the tour party. Tour participants simply press the TALK button on their receover and speak into the top of their device.

ATS-22 Three Tour Talk-Modes graphic

  • Miniature lightweight devices – only 34g – very comfortable to wear
  • Simple to operate 
  • 4 channels (tour groups) can operate simultaneously in the same area
  • Licence-free in the UK and EU
  • Ideal for travel & city tours, sight-seeing where your tour group participants can interact

You may purchase individual components or take advantage of one of our System Package Deals. 


ATS-22T Digital Tour Guide Transmitter

ATS-22T Tour Guide Transmitter & Microphone


  • Just power-on, connect the supplied lapel earpiece/microphone and go!Display panel
  • Simple push button to mute the microphone
  • Microphone volume adjustment with the + - buttons
  • Talkback mode on/off slide-switch - easily change from listen-only to allow talkback from participants
  • Up to 11 hours of continuous use per charge
  • Easy to read LCD screen displays channel number, volume, microphone mute, and battery condition
  • Turn off the transmitter and all receivers in the group will power off automatically in 20 mins

ATS-22T Showing Tour Talk Mode Switch

ATS-22R Digital Tour Guide Receiver with Talkback

ATS-22R Digital Tour Guide Receiver

  • Up to 16 hours of continuous use per charge
  • Easy to read LCD screen displays channel number, volume, and battery condition
  • Eco + Energy saving – Receiver will power off automatically if no signal is received for 20 mins


ATS-22 Charging Options

The ATS-22T transmitter and ATS-22R receiver use a standard micro-USB connector for charging. Individual devices may be charged using a cable to any USB power point. We offer two lightweight, compact charger-cases for systems - with 12-slots or 35-slots and a single power supply plug. 

ATS-12CB Transport bagPerson Carries Charger Bag ATS-12CB

ATS-35CB Transport bagMan Carries ATS-35CB Charge Bag

The devices push-in to each slot for charging and transportation. The charger-bags will charge the devices from flat in six hours - each device charges automatically to maintain optimum battery condition. There are pockets for earpieces and room for a head-worn microphone option too. Easy to carry to & from your tour location.