Sennheiser Tour Guide Systems

A Sennheiser Tour Guide System can be used with complete confidence, with user-friendly operation, it may be set up easily, without any prior experience of using tour guide equipment.


Sennheiser Tour Guide Systems

Ideal for such times when it is difficult for a tour guide to be heard by their audience. Many reasons could make this the case, perhaps:

  • a large area
  • too much background noise
  • a need to not disturb other people

A Sennheiser tour guide system allows the guide to be clearly heard without having to increase their voice, whilst at the same time, reducing frustration and confusion for the audience. A tour guide simply switches on a microphone transmitter and distributes the receivers to the audience. With this set up, the audience members are then able to adjust their own volume to the most comfortable level.

Choice of Transmitters for Sennheiser Tour Systems:

  • A portable bodypack with headband microphone (this is ideal for hands-free operation) or, tie-clip microphone for quieter environments like a gallery.
  • A portable handheld microphone (this is deal for questions / interviews as it can be easily passed around the audience).
  • An installation version that is ideal for fixed locations where up to eight channels operate simultaneously, for language interpretation.

Choice of Receivers for Sennheiser Tour Systems:

  • The 'classic' Sennheiser stethoset for the 2020 D system - the one-piece receiver combined headset
  • Sennheiser pocket receiver with wide range of headphones or neck loop for hearing aid users

Sennheiser Tour Guide Systems are ideally used for:

  • Factory and plant audio tours or audio tours in other noisy environments
  • Guided audio tours of historical sites (suitable for indoors and outdoors)
  • Simultaneous translation for multilingual meetings (indoors and outdoors)
  • A Radio guide system to assist hearing impaired people 
  • An audio description system to assist visually impaired people at events and theatre performances
  • Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D digital -

Sennheiser provides a two-year warranty on all devices.

For truly exceptional quality sound and high flexibility with the Sennheiser digital tourguide system and sound applications that you can trust, call Apple Sound Tourguide-SYSTEMS on 01244 456899 to discuss your needs and get a quote. 

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