Two-way Tour Guide System

We have several tour guide systems available that offer a talkback feature for participants.

ListenTALK 2-way headsets package for 8 persons

Hire or Buy Tour Guide System with Talkback for Two-way Speech

The talk-back function varies between tour guide systems and includes push-to-talk to ask a question; multiple tour guides or presenters talking simultaneously; or all members of a tour group to discuss without the need to push-to-talk every time.

Tourism - enhance your travel tours by allowing tour participants to ask occasional questions from their receiver with the push of a button

Factory tours, training & staff induction can all be improved with two-way (full-duplex) communication that facilitates interactive tours and training sessions.

Other applications include stage talkback, production crew comms, staff training scenarios, instructor to student for teaching environments, and of course anywhere communication is needed between personnel while social distancing.

We're happy to advise and can offer demonstration kits for all of these systems...

ATS-22 offers a simple talkback feature for participants and is ideal for walking travel tours.

ATS-80 provides additional features like two guides talking to a group, with the option of two-way (full-duplex) talkback for all guests.

ListenTALK is a family of products for two-way discussion and talkback with a comprehensive range of headsets, up to 10 groups, three simultaneous talkers and option for an interpreter channel.

Digi-wave is an established tourguide system delivering two-way discussion between up to six talkers in a group, and option for simultaneous translation in multiple languages too.

UNITE is a premium tourguide system for walking tours, discussion and simultaneous intepretion. Offering one to three talkers, portable and installed in-room options, 32 channels/groups.