Audio Tour Guide System for School or University

Do any of your students struggle to hear their teacher on account of loud environment, distractions, or distance from the lecturer? Do any of your students have a hearing impairment?

With wireless solutions from tourguide-SYSTEMS at Apple Sound Ltd, everyone in the study room can hear clearly, without distraction, at a volume that accommodates their needs. Studies indicate that students that hear better in the lecture room, perform better in the lecture room. Empower your students with the right technology for the learning environment - whether it is a workshop session, lecture theatre, field trip to an archaeological site or a city tour.

Tourguide System

Photo showing a Field trip using ListenTALK between students and lecturer

One-to-one training and instruction can now be two-way with headsets for the instructor or lecturer and their students - allowing questions from the students and open discussion. Headsets can be worn with PPE too and we have an ear-defender option for areas requiring hearing protection - so field trips and site visits are covered too.

The latest tourguide devices allow systems to be ‘networked’ so students can keep their device and move freely between lecture spaces where their receiver ‘logs-in’ to the audio system automatically. Integrating loudspeaker sound systems ‘soundfield’ with personal tourguide receivers opens many possibilities for audio enhancement throughout entire buildings. So, whether you need to use one space for several classes or integrate assistive listening for hearing impaired students, we have a solution for you.

BYOD Audio Streaming Over Wi-Fi

The ListenEVERYWHERE server connects to the campus infrastructure allowing 100's of students to select from available audio channels and stream high-quality mono or stereo audio to their own smartphone (Bring Your Own Device). Using a free app to listen on  headphones or hearing aid device. Multi-channel audio for students anywhere your wi-fi goes! 

Graphic showing audio over wi-fi system

...Assistive Listening for Hearing Impaired

Assistive listening solutions have traditionally been delivered through in-room systems like infra-red and radio transmission to a dedicated receiver, or hard-wired induction loops to personal hearing aids. Wi-fi is typically present in learning spaces and available to students via their own personal smartphone or device (iPad etc) that can bring audio direct to their personal hearing aid or device.

...Multi-channel Audio in One Learning Space

Maximising the use of learning spaces is a frequent challenge on campus. Streaming audio over existing wi-fi allows multiple learning groups to listen to a lecturer or AV playback in a common area, focussed & without distraction, hearing only the selected channel of audio via their smartphone. This is an economic solution to deliver socially distanced learning groups common areas. Private Channels allows password protection of selected channels to restict listening to relevant students.  

Talk to us about improving audio for your students in your classroom or entire campus.