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TourGuide Systems

TourGuide Systems

TourGuide Systems bring clear and intelligible communication to large factory tours, open air tours, sports arenas, multi-language interpretations, audio descriptions and other guided tours in many challenging and noisy environments.

Our systems offer maximum flexibility with minimum fuss. The system does away with sore throats for tour guides, confusion and frustration for group tours.

The group guiding systems that we provide can be easily operated without any previous knowledge or experience of the equipment - easy-to-follow instructions are included and you can call us anytime for support. We have an enviable reputation for delivering first-class customer service, every time - see the customer comments in the footer of this page. Here at Tourguide-SYSTEMS, that's what we do - nothing else, so you can be assured of the very best advice and service.

Once the receivers are distributed to the group, the Tour / Event Guide simply turns on a microphone transmitter and speaks to the audience. The group tour members then adjust their own volume to a level that is comfortable to them.

The lightweight wireless receivers are comfortable to wear, even for long periods - receivers available with battery-life of up to 24 hours.

Ideal for:

  • Guided tours of Museums, Public gatherings, sports ground and arenas, historical buildings, art galleries - both indoors and outdoors
  • Noisy environments – such as factory and large plant tours
  • Assitive listneing or Radio aid system for hearing impaired persons
  • Simultaneous translation for multilingual meetings, or sim. tran. system, more...
  • Silent conference, presentations at exhibitions and for multiple breakout sessions (up to 15 in the same space) - open-plan and within temporary structures like inflatable domes. (Like a silent disco but without the flashing lights.)

The microphone can be hand held type - convenient to pass to members of the tour group for occasional questions, or a head-worn type which operates through a belt-worn transmitter – leaving the guide with their hands free to point out interesting features. Two-way speech systems are also available for Q&A with your tour group.

The receivers can be either ‘stethoset’ style - worn hanging from the ears, or a belt-pack type - using earpieces or headphones to relay the sound. Belt pack receivers can also be used in conjunction with ‘ear defender’ headphones for very noisy environments and with a ‘neck loop’ for hearing aid users (with T-position).