Personal Assistive Listening Systems

Introducing a selection of assistive listening products for tour guide systems. A broad selection of personal FM hardware to allow hearing audio systems to work to the very best of their potential – all brought to you by Tourguide-SYSTEMS.

Personal Assistive Tour Guide System

All personal radio systems from Tourguide-SYSTEMS are designed for those who find it difficult listening from a distance and are specifically designed to help in ‘noisy’ environments, where background noise can make listening difficult due to poor intelligibility (hence they are sometimes known as a ‘hearing helper’).

A personal assistive listening device is made up of a radio microphone, to place near to the source or talker(s), that provides you [the listener] with the sound quality experienced at close proximity but at much greater distances. Our receivers can be easily set up and adjusted by the user for comfortable volume; they are battery powered, lightweight and very compact, for inside or outside use; listen via earphones or by using a personal neck-loop, linked to your own hearing aid(s) using the Telecoil ("T-position").

How is a personal FM system used as an assistive listening device?

With an assistive listening device, the radio transmitter is worn or held by the person talking (or connected into the television / audio source).

The receiver and neck loop are worn by the assistive listening device user, with their hearing aid switched to the 'T' pickup. Consistent sound will then be heard whatever direction the talker faces and even at a reasonable distance from the person speaking. The system may also be used for listening to the TV.

Assistive listening devices, in the form of radio aids, have been used by hearing aid wearers with significant benefit in education and business for many years.

For hearing aid users, the personal FM systems are used either with a neck loop or direct input connection as suitable. For those who don’t wear a hearing aid, earphones can be used - please take note that whilst earphones will lift the volume for listeners with a mild hearing loss, they are not a substitute for a hearing aid dispensed by an audiologist.

For truly exceptional quality sound and high flexibility with assistive listening devices, you can trust Tourguide-SYSTEMS, call us on 01244 456899.