UNITE tour guide system from beyerdynamic

UNITE delivers improved speech intelligibility, ease of use, a 300m system range that's configurable for a wide range of tour guide applications.

2 year warranty on Beyerdynamic demo kit available for beyerdynamic

Bluetooth audio connectivity to tour guide transmitter
  Link audio from other devices
Beyerdynamic UNITE products

UNITE is the digital wireless tour guide system from beyerdynamic that allows people to communicate and interact with each other - a wide-area solution for keeping staff in-touch while maintaining social distance at work. This two-way tour guide system opens-up whole new possibilities for improved dialogue between people, regardless of when, where and how they wish to communicate. UNITE tour guide connects people with a system range of up to 300 metres - bridging language barriers and assisting with sensory disabilities.

  • More about COVID-19 communication solutions here.

The modern, future-proof transmission platform in DECT-standard means the UNITE tour guide system can be used worldwide without certification and licence fees. You need not worry about frequencies as the system automatically controls its robust and encrypted transmission. This allows up to 32 tour groups to be integrated in parallel, and its wide operating range and long operating time offer completely stable transmission conditions.

UNITE tour guide system expands applications beyond traditional walking tours - offering full integration with venue audio-visual systems including digital audio networks across multi-space venues, corporate offices and educational campus.  UNITE provides the ability to use common components (transmitters and receivers) for varying purposes, increasing efficiency and value for money. 

UNITE Tour Guide System Features

  • Two-way speech for training, Q & A, talkback, discussion
  • 3 simultaneous talkers
  • Interfaces for external audio sources including Bluetooth devices - e.g. expanding a Zoom conference to the headset group
  • 32 parallel groups
  • Encrypted digital transmission
  • DECT licence-free worldwide
  • Portable and fixed transmitters up 300m range.

UNITE Tour Guide System Applications

  • Guided tours - noisy plant tours, walking tours
  • Language interpreting - up to 32 languages for simultaneous translation
  • Assistive listening - for hearing aid users
  • Classroom soundfield - multiple teaching groups in the same space 
  • Audio description for visually impaired  audiences
  • Wireless intercom talkback