Products > 20 Digi-wave DLR 60 Receivers (ADD-ON PACKAGE)
20 Digi-wave DLR 60 Receivers (ADD-ON PACKAGE)

20 Digi-wave DLR 60 Receivers (ADD-ON PACKAGE)

Williams Sound
Application Group
Audio Description
Language Interpretation
Silent Meeting or Presentation
Walking Tour
Hire Description

Package of 20 tour guide receivers for the Digiwave system.

Receivers operate for up to 24 hours using two AAA alkaline batteries (optional).
Users can change Group number (0-99) using the up/down buttons.
Up to four tour Groups in close proximity.
If the tour Groups are in Interpreter Mode, then the user can change Channel (0-14) within each Group.
Headphone output on stereo 3.5mm mini-jack will drive 32Ω headphones or the Williams Sound neck loop NKL001 for hearing aid users.

Supplied in a SKB briefcase containing 20 x Digiwave DLR60 2.0 receivers.
Includes 20 x single-earhook speakers.

Requires Digiwave DLT100 transceiver(s).

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