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Anchor Mega-Vox portable PA

Anchor Mega-Vox portable PA

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ANCHOR AUDIO Megavox Pro is a high-power portable megaphone, with re-entrant horn design and 119dB SPL (at 1m) output for extensive coverage. Although complete with built-in rechargeable batteries (8 - 12 hours operation on a single charge at medium volume, 3 - 6 hours at full volume of continuous music (longer for speech only)) the universal-mode charger also allows use of the Megavox Pro both during and after charging is complete. Signal alert siren for emergency response use. A robust, all-plastic casing incorporates a handy carrying handle and an internal top hat, for stand mounting.
Available controls allow adjustment of a wired microphone input, a line-level input (for connection of DVD/CD/MP3/Instruments etc). A power switch and accompanying LED, shows the power on/off and low-battery status.

Hire Description

High-power portable megaphone for pop-up outdoor presentations, rallies, sports events, gardening talks, crowd control, public service announcements. Incredibly loud with a long-range. Supplied with plug-in cabled hand-held switched microphone.

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