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ATS-20R Digital Receiver with ES-16 Earpiece

ATS-20R Digital Receiver with ES-16 Earpiece

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Product Description

Ultra-compact 16-channel miniature receiver, supplied with matching clip-on earphone.

Switches off automatically after not receiving an input signal for 20 minutes (power-saving function)
LCD for indicating channel, carrier signal, volume and battery status
Autolock function to prevent accidental channel change
Supplied with lanyard
Power supply via integrated rech. lithium battery (3.7 V/600 mAh and available as a spare part)
With a fully charged battery, the operating time of the transmitter is up to 16 hours
The charging time is approximately 6 hours (from completely discharged).

Micro USB charging connection for ATS-12CB, ATS-35CB or USB cable, available separately
Dimensions: 40 x 87 x 12 mm
Weight: 37 g

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