Products > LA-404 UNIVERSAL SINGLE EAR BUD for Listen devices
LA-404 UNIVERSAL SINGLE EAR BUD for Listen devices

LA-404 UNIVERSAL SINGLE EAR BUD for Listen devices

Product Description


Best for assistive listening applications where access to ambient or environmental sound is desired, the Listen Technologies LA-404 Universal Single Ear Bud is the ideal solution. The comfortable ear bud design sits just inside the ear to directly deliver outstanding audio clarity without interfering with external sounds, and the universal design allows it to work for all listeners. Disposable foam cushions (LA-163) are also available for easy replacement and added user comfort.

The LA-404 can be used with either our integrated neck loop/lanyard that is worn around the neck, or connected via the included 3.5mm extension cable to a receiver worn on a belt clip or in a pocket. The hard plastic construction is both durable and easy to clean, and each ear bud can be quickly disinfected using disinfecting wipes.

One (1) LA-404 Universal Single Ear Bud
One (1) LA-434 Earphone Extension Cable


• Single-ear design allows ambient or external noises to be heard
• Universal design to fit large or small ears comfortably
• Compatible with neck loop/lanyard or can be used with receivers worn on belt clips or carried in a pocket
• Durable plastic construction for long life and easy cleaning or disinfecting

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