The MIPRO tourguide system offers pocket-size receivers with premium performance – using MIPRO diversity technology, and wide-band audio quality.

There’s a choice of battery type to suit frequency of use too with 12-hour operational life; disposable AA alkaline for occasional use or for maximum portability of a system; the option for built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries allows for fast charging in just 4 hours. The matching pocket transmitter allows the guide to connect the most suitable microphone for their tour or, choose the hand-held transmitter/microphone. Complemented by a wide range of matched accessories, chargers and even software control for large installations, there’s a MIPRO system for most tour applications.Tourguide-SYSTEMS offers a two-year warranty[1] for MIPRO products.

MIPRO was founded in 1995 and specializes in the designing and manufacturing of professional wireless microphone systems; founder K.C. Chang named the brand “MIPRO”, derived from the words “Microphone Professionals”. MIPRO’s products are marketed in 80 countries globally where it has become a well-known wireless microphone brand as well as the top wireless microphone brand in Taiwan.