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Peltor CH-3 FLX2 Two-way Headset - neckband

Peltor CH-3 FLX2 Two-way Headset - neckband

Two-way / Talkback
Application Group
Silent Meeting or Presentation
Walking Tour
Product Description


The PELTOR CH-3 Neckband Headset is the solution for two-way tour talk in a noisy plant or on a factory floor with one of our compatible tour guide systems*. The headset is a hearing protector with a noise-cancelling boom microphone. Suitable for work in Pulp and Paper, Construction, Airport applications and other workplaces, where the workers need to be connected to their tour guide / intercom system throughout the day to help facilitate frequent contacts with co-workers & visitors while social distancing.

• Designed for enhanced comfort during visitor tours or for long hours of use by plant operators.
• Noise-cancelling IP68 boom microphone for clear speech transmission in noisy harsh environments.
• Ear-defender - Noise-attenuating headset helps provide hearing protection in environments with potentially hazardous noise.


SNR = 28 (EN352-1:2002)
H=31dB M=25dB L=16dB

MT74H52B-110 = 3M™ PELTOR™ CH-3 FLX2 Headset, Neckband, Yellow

Two-year warranty
*Requires cable-set for connection to a tour guide transceiver, charged separately.

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