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Style AG AudioGuide + Tourguide Receiver

Style AG AudioGuide + Tourguide Receiver

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Self-guided Tour
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Look2innovate’s new multimedia audio-guide & tour-guide combi model, the Style, reaches new levels of technology to offer unique features never seen before, making self-guided tours simple for your visitors.

Integrated digital tour-guide system - the Style integrates a six-channel digital tour-guide system with multiple possibilities - a guide may:
• address a live group of visitors
• stream to them pre-recorded messages, or trigger messages on their units
• ‘pause’ the tour-guide function for the visitors to use the Style as audio-guides, and later retake control of the group.

The same system can be used for multi-language audio streaming in stereo for auditoriums, and for live service/alarm messages in a museum.


• AudioGuide ready for self-guided tours
• 1.7" colour display
• Integrated tourguide receiver
• one week autonomy before recharge


They include:
• visitor’s identity recognition (allowing personalised visit experiences)
• visit feedback (emailed to visitors at the end of the visit)
• many different ways of triggering messages (by point-and- click, by keypad, automatic by InfraRed, and automatic by Radio Frequency)

The Style’s extensive ability to interact with the latest multimedia technologies allows it to seamlessly integrate with audio, video, lighting, and computer applications in immersive and full-sensory visit experiences.

One important feature of the Style receiver is its long battery autonomy that can last one week with normal usage! This means the Style does not need daily charging and handling by the staff, and visitors can self-serve the audioguides at the start of the visit hassle-free. Not needing a distribution staff translates to smooth visitor flow and enormous savings in operational costs!


• Tropicalisation of Style audioguide to protect against humidity.

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