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Two-way Headset Communication Package

Two-way Headset Communication Package

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Hire this Digiwave two-way headset communication system package for six participants, that allows any TWO persons to talk simultaneously - talking is full-duplex communication i.e. 'open' microphone like on a phone call. Full-size, noise-reducing headsets with noise-cancelling microphones for high noise environments like production facilities, plant rooms, factory machinery. Facilitates clear communication betwen staff while maintaining social distancing at work using two-way wireless communication.

• Ideal for VIP plant tours, interactive tours - allows participants to ask questions
• Staff induction & training where two-way speech is needed.
• May also be configured to provide a second language channel for an interpreter within the group

Operational time of 13 hours, recharge in 6 hours.

Package includes:
6 x Digiwave DLT 100 transceiver (transmitter/receiver)
6 x Williams Sound MIC 068 noise reducing headset (NRR 20dB)
1 x Digiwave CHG 1012 charger for up to 12 devices
1 x SKB 3i transit case for shipping

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