Corporate Audio Tour Guide Systems

From worker training and facility tours to sales presentations, TourGuide Systems has the communication answers to meet a choice of company needs.

It is important for business meetings to go well from opening to close, and we offer portable and FM, infrared and digital communication technology that makes sure your sessions are engaging and productive. TourGuide Systems technology delivers direct, clear communication of your message to any audience and provides the opportunity for two-way interaction, if needed. The latest digital transmission technology incorporates digital encryption for improved security at confidential discussions and meetings. Multi-language meetings and events can use tourguide systems for interpreters during walking tours and stationary meetings - single language simultaneous translation or up 14 interpreter channels can be provided in both portable and fixed location systems.

Get your message across to visitors to your exhibition stand by providing headsets or headphones to hear your presentation without distraction.

Silent conference is now a popular feature for engaging delegates, and for multiple breakout sessions (up to 15 channels in the same space, just select the channel on the receiver) - open-plan and within temporary structures like inflatable domes (like a silent disco but without the flashing lights.)

  • single channel tourguide system, from one-to-one personal guide to 100's of delegates
  • multi-channel tourguide system for up to 14 simultaneous language channels
  • digital encryption where secure communication is needed
  • short-term hire
  • sales & installation for fixed locations like visitor experiences, showrooms
For corporate audio tour guide solutions call Tour Guide Systems - sound applications that you can trust – call us now on 01244 456 899.