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LA-437 ListenTALK Line/headset Mix Cable

LA-437 ListenTALK Line/headset Mix Cable

Two-way / Talkback
Application Group
Hearing Assistance / Loop
Product Description

The LA-437 Line/Headset Mix Cable allows a ListenTALK (LK-1) with a Leader Clip installed, to connect a Line Level Input (from an MP3 player or smartphone) in addition to the Headset. This allows the leader to talk & listen to the tour guests and choose to playback a pre-recorded audio file - for example, an audio clip narrating a specific historical event during a heritage tour, or on a factory tour this could provide technical detail of the manufacturing process on a specific production line.

One (1) LA-437 Line/Headset Mix Cable

We can help recording media content too - with professional voiceover artists to produce audio tracks. Contact Us for details.

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