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ListenTALK Transceiver (LK-1), lanyard & ear-speaker

ListenTALK Transceiver (LK-1), lanyard & ear-speaker

Two-way / Talkback
Application Group
Language Interpretation
Walking Tour
Product Description

The ListenTALK LK-1 tour guide transceiver is the smartest tourguide system available. The all-in-one device, is equipped with a host of exclusive features to provide the simplest option for communication and collaboration among two or more people in almost any environment.

The ListenTALK LK-1 may be used as the tour leader in a listen-only group or also as a participant for tours where guest talkback & discussion is encouraged.

Multi-language events are no problem - using an LK-1 an interpreter can join a group and provide simultaneous translation for guests or participants in additional languages to that of the presenter.

The transceiver comes with an LA-401 Ear Speaker for listening and has an internal microphone for easy talkback (in quieter environments). ListenTALK can be used with standard smartphone earbuds or a headset from the dedicated ListenTALK range.

Charge single devices via the Micro-USB socket or use the optional charger-docks for 4 or 16 devices simultaneously.


• Fast and simple two-way communication with other LK-1 devices
• Use as a tour Leader to talk and present to guests who are listening with receivers
• Push-to-talk functionality
• Up to three persons talking at one time
• Exclusive encryption technology for added security
• Up to 30 simultaneous groups
• Compatible with standard (4-pole mini jack) earbuds and Listen Technologies headsets
• Long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours two-way)
• Micro-USB socket for charging and updating/programming
• Alpha-numeric OLED display - with programmable name field via PC software (e.g. Group 1, Français.)
• Optional (LA-435) Battery Compartment for 3xAAA where recharging is inconvenient
• Licence-free DECT frequencies
• Range up to: 150m indoors, 300m outdoors

Refer to the PDF Manual (link below) for full technical specifications.
Model: LK-1-E0 ListenTALK Transceiver (Europe EU28)

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