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ListenTALK LKS-2 Base 8 System Package

ListenTALK LKS-2 Base 8 System Package

Two-way / Talkback
Product Description

An ideal medium capacity tourguide system for two-way communications, the LKS-2 ListenTALK System from Listen Technologies comes with everything you need. It is designed to enable convenient communication between one leader and up to seven additional team members.
The leader turns their microphone on with one press of their Talk button, with their headset allowing hands-free talking.
Team members listen via the included earpiece and can talk-back while pressing their Talk button and speaking into the internal microphone at the top of the device. Up to three persons in the group may talk at one time, with open two-way speech like a mobile phone (full-duplex).

The LKS-2 is expandable to meet the growing needs of your business, and more transceivers can be added at any time. You can have up to 30 separate teams (channels/groups) operating in the same space - each team .
Team members can move between groups and join the discussion in another group by holding their ListenTALK device next to the Leader's device = a bleep confirms the connection.



Eight (8) LK-1 ListenTALK Transceivers with leader clips
One (1) LA-452 Headset 2
One (1) LA-481 Docking Station Case 16


• Includes one headset and eight individual transceivers
• Ear Speakers (LA-401) and Breakaway Lanyard (LA-445-BK) included with Transceiver (LK-1)
• 16-bay charger/docking case also included
• Expandable for increased demand

Five-year Manufacturer Warranty

Available to hire before you buy.

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