Audioguide and Visitor Audio Tour Guide System

Hearing is a vital part of each visitor's tour experience. Whether its a single guide leading a walking tour of an art gallery or multi-language tours of a building of historic interest, a visitor's experience can be outlined not only by what they see but by their capability to hear.

voice over for audio guide tours

Visitor audio guide systems include an array of large-area radio and self-guided audio tour systems - we'll help you choose what's best. Tourguide-SYSTEMS offers solutions to help your venue provide guest audio with high quality sound and maximum engagement.

Hand-held devices with pre-recorded audio content are also popular where you may have many visitors that prefer a self-guided tour at their own pace or where you make the audio tour available in several languages. Visitors may choose to listen via the built-in loudspeaker on the handset or connect headphones (or a neck-loop adaptor for hearing-aid users). This is also a great way of managing peak visitor periods where deploying live guides would be impractical. System software is used to upload recorded media to each device and this may also monitor the usage of the devices to help manage the content playback effectively. The tour visitor can select pre-recorded audio content by dialling a number or they may be automatically triggered by location - using infra-red (IR), radio frequency (RF) or RFID tags / badges at trigger points like exhibits, paintings, doorways, or waypoints on a walk. In-vehicle systems can automatically deliver audio content using GPS location. 

Some of our audio guide devices have dual-function and can be used for self-guided audio tours or with a live audio guide – where the tour guide leads the tour and initiates the playback of pre-recorded content to add an extra dimension to regular walking tours.

Whether you need just a few handsets or hundreds, we're happy to help.

BYOD - Bring your own device

Wi-fi hotspots streaming audio content directly to your visitors' smartphone or tablet are now another cost-effective solution with options to personalise content via a downloadable App (Android and iPhone). The wi-fi hotspot is dedicated to the visitor guide system.

Systems available include ListenEVERYWHERE and Sennheiser MobileConnect.

Audio Recording Service

Tourguide-SYSTEMS from Apple Sound provide a full-service option of recording all your audio clips. In our bespoke recording studio, we record the voice description clips with absolute clarity using only the best industry standard recording equipment like Sennheiser, DiGiCo, Sony and Apple MAC.

Our voiceover artists can invoke almost any era and accent to suit the requirements of the tour and we also can add ambient and atmospheric sounds to further enhance the tour experience. We’ll work with you and storyboard your requirements if necessary, to formulate a coherent, flowing script that will inform, entertain and add value to your tours. Should you need to provide multiple language channels, we’ll arrange professional translation of your scripts and voiceover artists.

It takes around one day per ten TourGuide information points (usually around 1-3 paragraphs) to record with many projects/tours averaging 20 information points.

Talk to one of our production team about your project.