Tour Guide Systems for Guided Tours

Use a Tour Guide System to Resolve Audio Challenges on Your Guided Tours.

Whether touring customers around a noisy factory or, visitors at a heritage museum, tour guides need to be heard without having to raise their voice or repeat themselves.

ListenTALK wireless tour guide system was built to meet the challenges of any environment, and even allows two way communication for fielding questions and encouraging discussion making it ideal for city walks, museums, heritage buildings, and group tours at tourist attractions.


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One-way or Listen-Only Tours

Conventional tours have a tourguide leading the tour party and presenting an informative commentary.  The tourguide talks into a microphone that is connected to a transmitter to broadcast to guests. Tour guests listen on headphones connected to a pocket size receiver.

ListenTALK allows up to 30 tour groups to operate simultaneously in the same area. 

Multiple Tourguides

Tourist Walks - Using ListenTALK, the tour leader can be joined by a secondary guide, who may bring specialist or local knowledge to the tour. Both guides may talk at the same time, allowing natural discussion while sight seeing or for the tourguide to interview the local specialist. 

Factory Tours - You may also have several persons leading a tour, with each person discussing their production area at a factory, for example. 

ListenTALK allows up to three talkers at one time, enhancing the flow of natural conversation. 


Two-way Tours with Guest Talkback

Enhancing the traditional listening tour by adding a talkback feature for all guests is easy with ListenTALK. All participants have a transceiver two way device to transmit & receive. Guests can listen on their choice of headphone and ask a question by pressing the talk button and speaking onto the top of the device like a mobile phone. Headsets with boom microphones are also available as options to satisfy the challenges of any environment. 

Select One-Way or Two-Way

ListenTALK, one system for many uses - the Tour Leader can choose which mode is best for their tour. Allow tour participants to ask questions with 2 way communication or limit the group to 1 way communication for a listen only walking tour. You can determine the optimal communication set up for your tour environment and toggle between communication options with a single button press. Read more about Talkback  Modes.

  • LISTEN - Tour participants in listen only mode
  • RESPOND - Tour participants can listen and respond direct to the tour leader only - for question & answer sessions / talkback that is managed by the tour leader
  • DISCUSS - Tour participants can listen and respond to all of the tour group - for fully interactive discussion and training applications

More Options

Playback Pre-recorded Content

The Leader can talk and listen to the tour guests and choose to playback pre-recorded audio from an external player - for example, an audio clip narrating a specific historical event during a heritage tour, or on a factory tour this could provide technical detail of the manufacturing process on a specific production line. The accessory LA-437 is a simple plug-in adapter with a socket for the player.

Language Interpretation for Tour Guests

ListenTALK allows interpreters to join the tour group and provide simultaneous translation to selected guests. Tour parties with several language interpreters is easy to manage and set up. Read more...


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