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Audio Description Transmission System Hire

Audio Description Transmission System Hire

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Audio Description
Language Interpretation
Silent Meeting or Presentation
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Ideal for Audio Description, Language Interpretation Sim Tran., Silent Meetings or Presentation - this Sennheiser 2020D radio transmitter package is primarily for an audio describer to provide audio description (AD) for a live performance. It may also be used for transmitting to a wide-area from a semi-fixed location (when a pocket transmitter is less suitable) for simultaneous translation or personal loop receivers at conferences or meetings, or 'silent' presentations at trade show & exhibition.

Our systems are cleaned and fully configured prior to delivery, We also supply specific instructions for your application. You will also have access to online help and telephone support.

See Product information below or contact us for more information on this Sennheiser radio transmitter system package.


This Sennheiser digital radio transmitter hire system package includes:

• Sennheiser SR 2020 D mains powered desktop radio transmitter
• Remote directional antenna on 5m lead with 2m lightweight tripod and a croc-clip flexi-arm (for mounting to truss/bar etc
• Sennheiser HMD 26 broadcast headset/boom microphone with in-line cough/mute-switch
• full handbook
• Supplied in an SKB transit case.

Set the input type to MIC when using the HMDC 26-100 broadcast headset & boom microphone. (MIC input is only suitable for a phantom powered microphone). Otherwise, send a balanced line-level feed from your mixer desk or from the headphone/aux output of an audio playback device (via a direct injection box, available separately).
Use with Sennheiser Digital HDE 2020 D stethosets or EK 2020 D pocket receivers. By default, the portable receivers are set in tourguide mode with six channels available.
Should you need to use Conference Mode, the receivers will need programming to receive eight channels prior to despatch.

both receiver types may also be locked to select any combination of available channels. For example, for an audio described performance, you may prefer the receivers to be locked to (tourguide mode) channel 1 only; this means the channel selector is effectively disabled, so the user cannot accidentally select another channel.

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